Oodles of Options: The Cook Book

Oodles of Options the Survival Guide to Life outside your mothers kitchen is a book about exploring the cooking experience on a ramen noodle budget.

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O of O Show / Posh Ronnie Presents:

All about one mans journey exploring fine wine and spirits and his culinary creations

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Its Your Choice Podcast

In Life you always have oodles of options....its all about the choices you make with those options. Come listen and watch as we explore where we have come from and where we are going.

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Oodles of Options:

O of O is a Lifestyle brand that embraces success, excellence, and hard work driven by passion.  Its foundation is based on the principle that through hard work and constantly striving for excellence each person can give themselves endless opportunities in their lives.

So many people feel that they are limited when they feel that someone has control over their life and their actions. Our work is to show that there is not one pathway or even definition of success. Rather you can define your path, your dreams, and your success by using your imagination, creating, and executing through passion driven hard work.


Step 1 to Oodles of Options

When planning your perfect day, you must:

1. Imagine - Dream that you can do anything

2. Create - Come up with a plan to reach your goals

3. Execute - Do it ....dont try, Do it!!!