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Ronald A. Moss II is an Architectural Designer/Project Manager that has enjoyed following his dreams professionally. He is also now embarking on a path as an entrepreneur. Both of the paths began in Western Pennsylvania, a place that prepared him for the peaks and valleys ahead both figuratively and realistically. It was there that his desires to develop his own and others ideas and dreams into concrete reality were birthed.

Ronald grew up in a small town north of Pittsburgh, PA called New Kensington. He spent his years there quite active in a variety of activities in the community that helped him to cultivate his passion for solving social problems through building, exploring the arts, and involvement in philanthropic opportunities. All of the lessons he learned from the many people that influenced his life helped shape his determination and drive to let nothing stand in the way of his dreams and the pursuit of helping others achieve theirs.

When Ronald graduated from Temple University with his Bachelors of Architecture degree, he sought to have diverse creative outlets to balance out the time he spent designing buildings. Becoming an author was his first personal challenge to make his own path and that was defined through a cookbook. His first book entitled: Oodles of Options: the survival guide to life outside of your Mother’s kitchen is the initial step in embarking on a exciting phase in his professional life. One where he seeks to develop innovative and creative projects that extend to areas outside of the realm of Architecture. His love for delicious and exciting cuisine and his drive to explore new things and push the limits has produced this collection of recipes that appeal to people of all ages and can be adapted to suit your own personal tastes.

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